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  • Designed to engage your customers and drive more calls to action to your service or product.

  • Managed monthly so you can focus on your business and more of what you love.

Hi, I'm Bjorn 

You know the pain of an underperforming website — you might even be dealing with one right now. You spent a lot of time, and maybe even a lot of money on it. So why isn’t it helping your business grow?

Been there. Fixed that.

I use what I know about marketing, messaging, branding, and even psychology to help business owners like you make the most out of their websites to strike the deepest connection possible between you and your potential customers. My experience goes back to 2011 when I started my first web design agency Self Image Media in 2011 and from there became managing partner at MySMN and DigitalBiz.

I’ll help you get the right people to your website, and then speak to them in a way that means something to them.

This directly translates into more business, and more revenue. CALL NOW!

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My website audit is designed to help get you moving in the right direction, whether you’re just getting started, or you’re wondering what improvements you can make to get more out of your website.


Why Work With Bjorn?

  1. No agency vibes or middle men. Work directly with Bjorn Andersen.
  2. Well-rounded expertise with 15 years experience in the web design and marketing.
  3. Proven development process to guide your businesses website to success.
  4. Undivided attention. I only take on a small handful of projects at a time.
  5. I care about your results. I want your business to grow.

Stop wasting hours of your time trying to build your website without a plan. Build your website with a solid design and development strategy.

I know how overwhelming building a website can be, that’s why I'm here to guide you, every step of the way!

The result driven process you'll love ...

So you can focus on what you do best, which is run your business, versus spending all your waking hours figuring out the latest web design trends.

Before you hire any help receive your free website audit to see what you actually need first.

Schedule your Free Website Audit and Strategy Now!

I will provide you competitive insights and actionable recommendations to improve your businesses website performance. So you can focus on what you do best, which is run your business, versus spending all your waking hours figuring out the latest website tactics and trends.

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According to recent social media statistics, Instagram and Facebook have become two of the top channels for people looking to research and buy services and products online. If you’re struggling for an ROI or want to generate more customers from social media, you need to look at your social conversion strategy.

​10 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website for 2020

Trends in web design change almost daily, so it’s good to keep up with them. Regular design updates can actually save you money. It’s about keeping up with web standards. Consistency while browsing the web is important, especially for those who aren’t savvy with technology. Additionally, search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms to provide the best search results. Updating your website to best address these updates is critical to maintaining your site’s ranking.

5 Tips For Creating Content For Your Personal Brand

Producing quality content is an integral part of building a strong personal brand – and no one is in a better position to create content that tells a brand’s story than YOU.

The days are gone when entrepreneurs and executives stayed behind the scenes of a company. Content creation plays a massive role in the buyer’s journey, and consumers are increasingly choosing brands they find relatable.

As a local business owner I need the outside expertise to stand out from my competition. I've been working with Bjorn on improving my local search marketing efforts for only a month and am already seeing impressive results.

Powerhaus Pizza

Anisha B.

Powerhaus Pizza

Bjorn's branding, social media, and advertising strategies has been a huge help to the growth and prosperity of my Property Management and Real Estate business.

Sunset Property Management

Andrew G.

Sunset Property Management 

Bjorn took my old website, the new ideas we brainstormed together, and created a masterpiece that has helped my marketing traffic conversion increase by more then 150%. 

Quick Water Heater

Brandon B.

Quick Water Heater